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How long do Roost devices or batteries in Roost devices last?

We stand behind our products! See below sections for more information on the life span for each Roost device.

Leak Detector

The Roost Smart Leak Detector has a 1-year limited warranty. The device is powered by AAA batteries (included). These batteries will typically last more than 3 years. Please note, the warranty does not apply to devices that are submerged in water as the detector is not waterproof. For more information please see Is the Roost leak detector waterproof?


The Roost Smart Battery will typically last up to 3-5 years in most smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Its two-piece design includes a replaceable lithium battery and a "smart module" that is reusable. When your Smart Battery sends you a low-power warning, you can order a Battery Replacement and attach your existing smart module to the new battery. Your Roost Smart Battery should last up to another 3-5 years.

Garage Door Sensor

The Roost garage door sensor will typically last approximately 2 years. The smart module on these devices are also reusable so when you get a low battery warning, you will only need to replace the battery pack. You can then attach it to your existing smart module and it should last another approximately 2 years.

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