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Where is the best place to install my Roost leak detector?

The Roost Smart Leak and Freeze Detector can be used anywhere the potential for flooding, leaking, freezing or high-humidity exists. You can connect up to 100 Roost devices in one Roost account, so feel free to get as many leak detectors as you might need in your home. Please note, some Wi-Fi routers may have a limit on how many devices can be connected. 

You can use the Roost leak detector anywhere there is Wi-Fi signal. Since the device is battery-operated, you do not need to plug it in.

Places where you might want to detect and be alerted about leaks include:

  • Under sinks
  • Near water heaters
  • In basements
  • Under washing machines
  • Near dishwashers and refrigerators
  • Under fish tanks
  • Near plumbing and toilets

Places where you might want to detect and be alerted about low or high temperatures include:

  • Near pipes that have the potential to freeze in winter time
  • In a wine cellar
  • In rooms where you store objects sensitive to temperature
  • A second home or cabin that is unattended
  • Near computer or other temperature-sensitive equipment

Places where you might want to detect or be alerted about low or high humidity include:

  • A basement or other room where mold might grow
  • A wine cellar


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