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Will I need to set up my Roost device after replacing the batteries or power unit?

Please see below sections for information on each Roost device.

Batteries and Garage Door Sensors

These devices are designed to last 2-5 years. Once you receive a low battery alert on your smartphone, you can purchase a replacement battery pack from our online store.

You will only be replacing the battery power unit as you will reuse the Smart Module on the bottom of your old battery, so you will not need to set up or re-connect your Roost Smart Battery again.

Leak Detectors

Once you set up your Roost Smart Water Leak & Freeze detector and connect it to your Wi-Fi, you do not need to set it up again. Your Wi-Fi information is stored in permanent memory in the device. This means that even when you remove the AAA batteries, your Wi-Fi connection information remains in the device. 

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