Quick overview

With version 3 of the Roost Smart Home app, we added some new features as well as often-requested features including:

  • Support for multiple physical addresses. Monitor your home, plus your parent’s home or rental property all from one app
  • Easily see on one home page the status of all of your Roost sensors at an address: batteries and leak detectors
  • Streamlined installation process with enhanced in-app help
  • Historical data on temperature and humidity in your home (7 day and 24 hour view) (with the addition of a Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector

Support for multiple physical addresses

The first time you open your Roost app, you will have only one address, "Home." You can have up to six (6) physical addresses in the Roost app.

You can tap the arrow to the right of that name to add details about this address and also update the Emergency Contact number. We pre-populate your first address with the nation-wide emergency number in your country. In the United States this is 911.

To add another address, for example a vacation home or your parent's home, simply tap the cog icon in the upper right hand corner of your home screen to see your settings and select "Add New Address"

You'll set up Roost Smart Home devices on the local Wi-Fi network at each physical address.

All Roost devices at an address on one home screen

You can monitor all your Roost devices at one address in one place on the Roost app home screen. Tapping each tile will take you to more options for the devices, including Activity, Change Location & Name, Technical Information, and (for leak detectors), Alert Settings.

Roost app home screen address view and one level down, the 'options' view:


Streamlined installation process with enhanced in-app help

Sometimes it can take 2-3 tries to connect your Roost Smart Device. If you don't get a successful connection on the first try, be sure to:

  1. Take the time to read the in-app instructions
  2. Click on the troubleshooting help inside the app. Sometimes, the issue is a human rather than machine error!

Historical data on temperature and humidity in your home

The new version 3 Roost app supports the new Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector. You can see historical temperature and humidity data in the app. Just tap on the leak detector detail tile (from your Room location), then tap "Activity"



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