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No KRACK vulnerability

A recently discovered vulnerability in WPA2's cryptographic protocols could be exploited to read and steal data that would otherwise be protected. This vulnerability has been named KRACK which stands for Key Reinstallation Attack.

The Wi-Fi Alliance states, "There is no evidence that the vulnerability has been exploited maliciously, and Wi-Fi Alliance has taken immediate steps to ensure users can continue to count on Wi-Fi to deliver strong security protections."

All traffic to and from Roost devices is encrypted end-to-end using the latest SSL/TLS encryption. As such, we don’t believe our devices are at risk of this attack. We suggest that our users follow the recommendations from the Wi-Fi Alliance to always use Wi-Fi encryption on their Access points and apply the latest software updates from the manufacturer of your Wi-Fi router.

To read more about Roost Security, please see: What can you tell me about the security and privacy of my data at Roost?


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