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How can I tell which version of Roost smart battery I have?

The original and Second Generation Roost Smart Batteries have some differences in appearance and in how you can set them up. Here is how you can tell which version of battery you have.

  • Solid blue bottom: If your battery has a solid blue color bottom (opposite the power terminals), you have an original Roost battery. This device does not broadcast a "Roost-device" Wi-Fi signal. When you get to the screen in the Roost app which asks you to connect your phone to your Roost-device, and you do not find "Roost-device-xxxx", simply return to the app and you will be automatically redirected to connect to your home Wi-Fi network and continue with the set up process.
  • Blue bottom with white Roost logo: If your battery has a blue color bottom with a white Roost logo (opposite the power terminals), you have a Second Generation Roost Battery. If you see an LED blinking red after you reset your battery, you have a Second Generation Battery with the silent setup firmware. To reset your battery, remove the bottom Smart Module, wait 10 seconds, and reattach the Smart Module.The LED blinking red indicates the battery is in setup mode and is broadcasting the Roost-device-xxxx Wi-Fi signal.
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