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My monitor didn't receive an alert when my device detected a problem

In order for your monitor to receive notifications they must:

  1. Be logged into their Roost account on their smartphone. The app does not need to be running, but they cannot be logged out of their account.
  2. Allow notifications from the Roost app.

If your monitor does not receive a notification to their smart phone when your smoke alarm sounds, ensure that they are logged into their Roost app. They can close or "kill" the app after they do the test below to see that they receive notifications from the Roost app. They must stay logged into their Roost account on their smartphone. 

  1. Go to the Roost app settings (Tap the cog icon in the upper right-hand corner of the home screen in the app)
  2. Tap "Test Push"

Your monitor should see a popup window that says "Alert. This is a test message from Roost". If they do not, they must allow notifications from the Roost app. They can do this from the settings area of their smartphone.

After your monitor has confirmed these two things please try to test again. 

If your monitor is still having trouble receiving notifications to their smart phone and you would like further help, please contact us at


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