What’s included in the Security 360 kit:

  • One SmartBase (4 AA batteries are included) and one AC adaptor wall plug
  • One keypad (4 AA batteries are included) and one wall mounting bracket
  • One Motion sensor (two AAA batteries are included) and one wall mounting bracket
  • Two Leak & Freeze detectors (2 AAA batteries each are included)
  • Three Entry sensors (1 CR2032 lithium coin cell battery each is included)
  • Two door/window stickers advertising the security system
  • One bag of mounting screws and extra foam/tape for Entry sensor mounting
  • One User Manual
  • Sim Popper tool

Everything you need is included to fully secure your home and keep your loved ones safe.

The Security360 service is easy to set up in a few simple steps: 

  1. Download the Roost 360 app on your smartphone
  2. Connect the devices in your kit and set-up in your home
  3. Activate the 24/7 professional monitoring service
  4. Experience Peace-of-mind

First, download the Roost 360 mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play store and log-in to register, and begin setup.

Click on the “My Devices” icon and follow the set-up steps in the app:

Proceed to connect and install each sensor in your kit.

Follow the steps in the User Manual (see pages 4-17) for further details:

Connect Sensors – Pull out each red tab from the sensors while the SmartBase is in pairing mode (blinking green). The sensor should start blinking green (pairing mode). They will automatically connect after a few seconds, and you hear an audible confirmation from SmartBase for each sensor and receive a notification on your mobile.

Locate & Place – Proceed to place each sensor in appropriate locations around your home and test connectivity.

Connect To Wi-Fi – Follow the prompt in the app (see page 9).

Edit Sensor Name – Customize the default name for each sensor by following prompts in the app and selecting the appropriate location name for each sensor.

Set PIN Codes – Follow the prompt in the app to change your PIN code for disarming system. You can also add a guest PIN code and one for Hostage situation.

Activate Professional Monitoring – Follow the prompt in the app to activate the professional monitoring service and to add emergency contact monitors to receive alerts and respond to emergency alarm situations.


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