• Disarmed- Off: Indicates your system is “off” and your system is not armed. Typically, you will be in the disarmed state when you are home during the day.
  • Armed- Away: By default, your entry and motion sensors are included in this state. This is the typical mode to set when no one is home.
  • Armed - Home: By default, only your entry sensors are included in this state. You can move about your house freely. This is commonly used at bedtime, and as a default does not arm your motion sensor.
  • Alert Mode Settings- In the app, you have the option to change the alert mode settings for entry and motion sensors.
  • Panic Button on Keypad - To initiate a panic alarm: In an emergency situation, push the Cancel, (“X”) and the Enter, (“OK”) buttons at the same time to initiate a panic alarm signal which will immediately trigger police dispatch.

Note: To verify the current state of your system, you can either look at your app or tap any button on the Keypad. This will trigger the illumination of one of the three buttons on the right side of your Keypad (Armed – Home, Armed – Away, or Disarmed).

7 types of S360 Alarms:

Intruder Alarm
This alarm notifies the user if the Motion sensor detects movement in the home, or when a door/window entry sensor is triggered while the S360 System is armed.

Smoke Alarm
SmartBase listens for the ‘T3’ sound made by most smoke alarms.  If the user has a working T3 smoke alarm, the system will send an alarm when it sounds.  The SmartBase is NOT a smoke detector.  It listens for the smoke alarm sound and relays the signal information that it is sounding to the cloud and the end user via an alert notification.  The SmartBase must be within 20’ of a sounding smoke alarm and in the same room.

Water Leak
If a water leak is detected by the leak sensor by coming in contact with the metal rings, a leak alert is sent. Obviously, it’s important to place the leak detectors where water is likely to leak.

Freezing Temperatures
There is an automatic cold temperature alert that triggers when the temperature in the home falls below 40° F. This is an indication of potential frozen pipes.

High Temperatures
There is an automatic high temperature alert that triggers when the temperature in the home rises above 105° F. This is an indication that your air conditioning system is not working properly, or that you might even have the condition indicating a potential fire situation.

Panic and Hostage distress Alarms
These alarms are intentionally activated by someone in the home who is requesting emergency services.  The Panic alarm is sent by pushing the “X” and “OK” buttons on the bottom center of the keypad.  The Hostage distress alarm is sent by entering the secret 4-digit “Hostage” code on the keypad during an emergency situation.  This code was previously created and entered into the app PIN code area by the user. The Panic and Hostage alarms are ‘silent alarms’ in that no sounds, lights or messages are sent to confirm these alarms.  The alarms are sent directly to be dispatched by the 24/7 professional monitor.

Power Outage
When the SmartBase loses AC power, it sends an alert that it is running on battery backup.  There is a second alert when power is restored. This may indicate that power is out in the home or simply that someone unplugged the SmartBase.


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