The primary function of the SmartBase is to act as the central hub and core of the Security360 Service. It connects to all of your individual sensors and also allows Roost to send alarm signals to the 24/7 professional monitoring station for verification and dispatch in case of an emergency. SmartBase is designed to interface with your home Wi-Fi service with a robust cellular back up capability to seamlessly ensure that if Wi-Fi goes out, your system is still protecting your home 24/7. 

  • The SmartBase also functions as a smoke alarm listening device. SmartBase will listen and notify you if your smoke alarm emits the typical 3-burst sound pattern. The SmartBase must be within 20 feet of the sounding smoke alarm and located in the same room.



The SmartBase should be located in a central place in your home like the kitchen, entry way, office or living room area. This will allow you to see visual cues and hear audible sounds and phrases from the SmartBase when alarms are triggered and during the arming/disarming process.


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