Motion Sensor:

Install the motion sensor on a wall appx 6-8 ft. above the floor with the included mounting plate.  This can be attached with the double-sided tape or with the 2 screws that are included

Proper connectivity of the motion sensor can be verified with motion detection triggering the red LED on the sensor to blink. The sensor detects movement from 6-18 feet away and in an arc 45° to the left and right



The SmartBase should be located in a central place in your home like the kitchen, entry way, office or living room area. This will allow you to see visual cues and hear audible sounds and phrases from the SmartBase when alarms are triggered and during the arming/disarming process.


Entry Sensors:

Install each pair of 2 sensor components on the door or window. Ideally, the larger sensor is located on the fixed door/window frame with the rounded end on top. The smaller magnet sensor is positioned near the bottom of the larger sensor and placed on the moving window/door. The gap between each sensor should be < 5/8” (15mm) with the flat side of the small sensor towards the larger sensor.

Proper connectivity of the sensor pair is verified with the open/close movement captured by a visible red LED blink and the chime tone from the SmartBase emitting as door/window is opened.  Each sensor pair is marked with two parallel “alignment marks” to assist in positioning. Sensor marks on each sensor should be positioned opposite to each other.


Large door window/door frame situations

For homes that have large or higher frames around windows and doors, please see photos on page 15 for assistance on installation tips.

Position the larger sensor on the moving door or window (vs frame).  Install the small magnet sensor on the frame angled towards the larger sensor alignment marks.

Add 1-2 pieces of the included foam tape underneath the larger sensor on the door/window to move the alignment marks closer to each other to ensure connection.


Water Leak/Temperature Sensors:

Install the water leak/temp sensor on the floor near areas where water could potentially accumulate (hot water heaters, under sinks, sump pumps, and washing machines).  Also locating a sensor near water pipes along an outside wall (early freezing pipe warning).

Proper connectivity of the water leak/temp sensor can be verified by touching a damp paper towel to the 2 metal rings on the bottom of the sensor.  Alarm will trigger and send notification.  Red LED on top of sensor will also blink red.



Mount your keypad on the wall or simply place on a convenient surface near your most commonly used door that you utilize for entry and exit to your home. If mounted, first position the included mounting plate that attaches by double sided tape or the two screws. The keypad will lock into the mounting plate by snapping down once in position.


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