Sensor Alert:
When a sensor detects an alarm, it sends the signal to the SmartBase immediately and the primary user receives a push notification.  After a duration of time* the signal is then escalated to the 24/7 professional monitoring service.

Time Duration before escalation:
Water leaks = 5 minutes of alarming
Smoke alarms = 45 seconds of alarming
Intrusion alarm = immediate escalation

24/7 Monitoring service escalation detail:

SMS text to smartphone
Each type of alert has its specific SMS message that is sent to the primary user as well as any Emergency Contacts that have been assigned to the account. 

  • This SMS text will be initiated by a live operator to confirm the escalation of one of 3 alarms (water leak, smoke, or intrusion), and then ask if everything is ok.  Any recipient can respond via text with the operator to confirm if the alarm is real, not real (false alarm), or if you do not know.  If any recipient responds, there will be a final SMS sent to all recipients to document what action has been confirmed. 

Live operator calls resident and Emergency Contacts

  • If there is no response to the SMS text, the monitoring center will begin a live call to each user/Emergency Contact to engage directly to confirm the situation. The first recipient that answers this call will be asked to confirm if the alarm is real, not real (false alarm) or if you do not know.  Following this call, a final SMS will be sent to all recipients to document what action has been confirmed. 
  • If there is no response, fire or police dispatch will continue. No further action will be taken.

Live operator dispatches emergency services
If a resident confirms an emergency exists using SMS or the live operator, or if the operator is unable to contact the resident in certain situations, the professional monitoring service will dispatch emergency services to the resident's location.  Once dispatched, the live operator may call the resident to let them know help is on the way.
Emergency services are dispatched for the following two types of alarm:

  • Smoke alarm is sounding suggesting a fire
  • A PIR or door/window alarm is triggered suggesting intrusion

The entire SMS and live operator call process is bypassed and emergency services are dispatched immediately when the following two alarms are received:

  • The Panic buttons were pushed on the keypad, suggesting the resident is in danger
  • A distress code was entered into the keypad, suggesting the resident is in danger

Phone Numbers to save in smartphone for text alerts/Professional Monitoring




Please save these numbers as favorites in your smartphone. If you have Do Not Disturb activated you will continue to get the Professional Monitoring calls.


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