The primary function of the Water Leak and Temperature sensor is to notify you of a water leak, freezing temperature, or a high temperature condition.  The sensor is connected to the SmartBase and triggers alert notifications to your mobile phone as well as escalation to the 24/7 monitoring center for interactive alert verification.  Water is detected by the two metal rings on the sensor bottom when coming in direct contact with water.  Additionally, the internal temperature sensor will trigger two temperature alerts at 40°F (indicating a potential freezing pipe situation) and at 105°F (indicating a potential malfunction in your HVAC equipment).


Model Name Roost Water leak and temp Sensor (RSW-320)
Temperature Spec -10℃ – 50℃ (15°F – 120°F)
Regulatory Certifications FCC, IC, CE
Standards Network Compatibility:  Sub-G 900MHz radio. Range estimate < 150 Feet
Power Requirement 2 AAA batteries included
Dimensions 0.25” (H) x 2.0” (W) x 3.0” (L)
Device Weight 4 oz.
Warranty 1-year limited warranty                                                                       

The sensor will trigger the alarm alert when the two oval shaped metal rings on the sensor bottom come in contact with water.  Also, temperature alerts will trigger at 40°F and at 105°F.
These alarm triggers will initiate an immediate push/SMS text notification to the primary account user. If the water leak alarm persists for more than 5 min, the signal will be escalated to the monitoring service and all emergency contacts will receive interactive SMS, then an operator call with opportunities to respond or verify the action.

Placement: Install the water leak/temp sensor on the floor near areas where water could potentially accumulate (hot water heaters, under sinks, sump pumps, and washing machines).  Also locating a sensor near water pipes along an outside wall (early freezing pipe warning).
Proper connectivity of the water leak/temp sensor can be verified by touching a damp paper towel to the 2 metal rings on the bottom of the sensor.  The alarm will trigger and send a notification.  The Red LED on top of the sensor will also blink.


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