How to initially activate 24/7 monitoring service:
Click on the person icon located in the upper right-hand side of your app’s home screen and follow the app screen instructions to activate monitoring:

  • Confirm the address that we are monitoring with Security360-Please note: This step is very important. This is where the emergency service is dispatched to when there is an alarm.
  • Add at least one other emergency contact monitor to receive emergency alerts and to verify emergency situations when contacted. Please note that you are already listed as the primary emergency contact.
  • You will receive an email confirmation of the monitoring service activation with instructions to follow prior to going live in 48 hours.

48 Hour Practice Mode:
Once you have activated your professional monitoring service, you will begin a 48-hour practice period. During this time, if your alarm is activated, you will NOT be escalated to the Live Operators and will NOT be able to dispatch emergency Fire/Police responders. After this 48-hour period, your alarm will enter full professional monitoring mode. Any alarm will trigger monitoring escalation including Live Operator calls and escalation to emergency service dispatch if not canceled by you.

Alarm Escalation process

  1. Alarm Signal triggered and entry delay period expires without disarming.
  2. Automatic escalation to 24/7 professional monitoring center
  3. SMS text notification is sent to all users and emergency contacts with the ability to respond to the text to confirm if you are aware of the alert condition and if so, is any dispatch of police or fire emergency services necessary or is this a false alarm.

If the users or contacts do not respond to this text, the monitoring company will call the primary user directly (any additional emergency contacts if no response) to ensure that they are aware of the alert and take action including police or fire dispatch.  This live operator call escalation will occur in four types of alerts – intrusion/burglary, panic, smoke alarm, and water leak > 5 minutes.

Alert Notification and Verification Service:
Depending on the type and severity of the alarm alert that is triggered, we deliver different levels of communication and verification requests from text to live operator calls. For intrusion, panic, and smoke/fire emergencies we will also dispatch police or fire emergency services.
Text then phone call to all emergency contacts with options to verify alarm status at each state. For intrusion and smoke/fire, emergency dispatched if no response.

Power Outage: When the Smart base loses AC power, it sends an alert that it is running on battery backup.  There is a second alert when power is restored.
Action: Alerts are sent via push or SMS/Text notification to smartphone.
There is no escalation to professional monitoring service.

Water Leak: If water is recognized by the sensor then a water leak alarm is triggered and a push notification is sent immediately to the primary user. 
Action: 5 min wait before escalation to professional monitoring service and emergency contacts. They will receive an interactive SMS and escalation to live operator if no response.

Freeze: A cold temperature alert will trigger if the sensor in the home falls below 40° F. This could be an indication of potential frozen pipes.
Action: There is no escalation to professional monitoring service.

High Temperature: A high temperature alert will trigger if the sensor in the home rises above 105°F.  This could be an indication of the HVAC equipment not operating properly.
Action: There is no escalation to professional monitoring service.

Smoke/Fire: SmartBase listens for the ‘T3’ sound made by most smoke alarms.  If the user has a working T3 smoke alarm, the system will send an alarm when it sounds.  The Smart base is NOT a smoke detector.  It listens for smoke detectors and relays the information that it is sounding to the cloud and the end user.  The SmartBase must be within 20’ of a sounding smoke alarm and in the same room.
Action: 45 second wait before escalation to professional monitoring.  Upon escalation, the primary user and emergency contacts will all receive an interactive SMS and then a live operator call (if no response).  This is the opportunity to confirm a false alarm or real alarm to the operator.  If no response, the fire department will be dispatched to the property location.

Motion or Entry Alarm (Intrusion): If the system is armed, and an Entry or Motion sensor is triggered, and time has exceeded the entry delay set by the consumer, then an intrusion alarm is sent immediately.
Action: No wait-immediate escalation to professional monitoring for interactive SMS and operator call actions.

Panic/Distress: If the two keys on the keypad are pushed at the same time, then a panic alarm is sent immediately.  The Panic and Distress alarms are ‘silent alarms’ in that no sounds or messages are sent to confirm these alarms. The red LED on the keypad will blink.
Action: No wait- The alarms are sent directly to be police dispatched by the 24/7 professional monitor.

Hostage Code: If the secret hostage code is typed in at the keypad when the system is armed, a panic alarm is sent immediately.
Action: No wait-immediate escalation to professional monitoring and police dispatch. 

Professional Dispatch Phone numbers: 619-304-4016/ 619-329-8736/ 619-329-8846
Please save these numbers in your smartphone so if you have Do Not Disturb activated you will continue to get the SMS/Text and IVR/Dispatch calls.


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