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What is the range of Roost smart devices?

Our devices are smart and mighty!

Roost Smart devices have the same approximate range as the Wi-Fi on your smartphone. Grab your smartphone, enable Wi-Fi, and hold your phone near where you want to place your device. If you have above a medium-low Wi-Fi signal on your smartphone, a Roost device should work fine at this location.

After you place your Roost device in its location, you'll be able to see an indication of Wi-Fi signal strength in your Roost app once the device checks in. Please note that the Roost devices check into the Roost cloud once every 24 hours, or 24 hours after an alarm event. 

From your home screen in the Roost app, simply tap on the device tile to get to the detail screen where you can see an indication of Wi-Fi signal strength. In the image below, the Roost device has a "low" Wi-Fi signal strength (one red bar). 

If your device detail screen shows a red Wi-Fi signal strength as above, this may indicate that your device will have trouble checking in. Green bars are an indication of a 'good' Wi-Fi signal strength and yellow indicates that the signal is 'medium' strength. 

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