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My Roost smart battery reads 0 volts!

If you've just taken your Roost Smart Battery out of its package, checked the voltage at the terminals and found it is zero volts, or put it in your alarm and your alarm is chirping, your Roost battery is not dead! It just has not been set up. You may also see a voltage starting below 9 volts and declining as you measure it. This is also an indication that your battery has not been set up properly.

The Roost Smart Battery does not have any voltage at its terminals until it successfully connects with the Roost Cloud for the first time. You'll need to set up your battery by connecting it to your home Wi-Fi and the Roost Cloud before it is ready to power your smoke alarm. For information on how to set up your Roost Smart battery, please see our Get Started page.

Occasionally, we see a Roost Smart Battery that appears to have set up successfully, but did not. If this happens to you, the Roost battery will not be able to power your battery-only alarm to allow it to sound a test alarm. In an alarm where the Roost battery is providing back up power (your alarm is hard-wired), your alarm will chirp to indicate low battery. The way to resolve this situation is to delete the battery from your Roost app and set it up again.

Once your battery is connected to the Roost Cloud, we monitor its voltage and alert you when it needs to be replaced.

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