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How do I find out my alarm manufacturer and model number?

All smoke and smoke/CO alarms sold in the United States (and most alarms sold in other countries) have the manufacturer, model number and date of manufacture printed on indelible labels on the backside of the alarm. The "backside" is the side of the alarm towards the ceiling. If you are in the United States and your alarm does not have a date of manufacture, then it is older than 10 years old.

To view these labels that provide information on your alarm, simply twist your alarm from its mounting bracket that is permanently attached to your ceiling or wall. All alarms, battery-only and hard-wired with battery back-up, less than 10 years old have a fixed mounting bracket that attaches to your ceiling or wall. The alarm portion twists off of this base allowing you to see the backside of the alarm.

Roost is unable to process warranty replacements without your alarm information.

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