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Do Roost smart alarms interconnect with other smoke/CO alarms?

If your home currently has interconnected smoke alarms and you would like to add a Roost RSA-200 or RSA-400 Smart Alarm, please be aware that we cannot guarantee that the interconnect feature will work between your Roost alarm(s) and other manufacturers' alarms. We do interconnect with USI alarms, but cannot guarantee compatibility of the interconnect feature with Kidde, First Alert, Firex, or other alarm brands. Please see our online user guides for the RSA-400 alarm (page 7) or the RSA-200 alarm (page 6) for details.

Your safety is our first priority, and we want to be sure that your interconnected alarms work. This is why we do not recommend the use of Roost Smart Alarms and other manufacturers' alarms on the same interconnect line.

You may want to consider replacing all of your smoke or smoke/CO alarms, especially if they are more than 10 years old. Please see our Help Center article: When should I replace my smoke alarm?

If you'd like a more technical explanation of the interconnect issue, please read on! Typically all alarms will use 9V logic levels on the interconnect line, but the question of compatibility is more complicated than just the voltage used on the interconnect line. Different manufacturers can potentially use additional modulated signaling on this line for other communication purposes and this could cause compatibility issues between the Roost Smart Alarms and other alarms.


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