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My Roost garage door sensor shows low battery level

Once you receive a low-battery alert on your smartphone, you can purchase a Garage Door Sensor battery pack.

If your device is still under it's 1 year warranty, please contact Roost Customer Support.

Once you receive the battery pack replacement, remove the Roost Garage Door sensor from blue clip attaching it to your garage door. NOTE: Please ensure that you close your garage door behind you before doing this. Then disconnect the smart module from the bottom of your old sensor and attach it to the new battery pack replacement. Reinstall the new device (with the smart module attached) back into the blue clip on your garage door. Please test your new sensor by opening your garage door, waiting 5-10 seconds, and closing it. You should receive notifications in your Roost app telling you that your garage door has opened and closed. If you do not receive a notification, please contact Roost Support.

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