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My Roost garage door sensor only sent an ‘open’ or ‘closed’ alert

If you receive an alert from your garage door sensor saying that it has only either opened, or closed, this could be because your sensor did not rest between being opened or closed.
To put it simply, the Roost garage door sensor needs to rest for at least 5 seconds before it can send its location after a move. So, for example, if your door was open, then you closed it and immediately opened it again, you will only get a garage door open notification (and not a closed notification). Conversely, if your garage door was closed, and you opened it and closed it right away, you will get a notification your garage door is closed.
To ensure that you receive all the appropriate notifications, please make sure that when you open your garage door, wait at least 5 seconds before closing it again. The same goes for if you close your garage door - wait at least 5 seconds before opening it again.
If your garage door position is not correct in your app, please see our help center article The position of my garage door is wrong in the app for help on how to resolve this. 
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