We recommend periodically testing the system to make sure that all sensors are working properly and connected to the SmartBase.

  • Motion sensor – verify the sensor blinks red when you walk in front after a period of no motion.
  • Entry sensor – verify the chime tone from the SmartBase when door is opened.
  • Water leak/temp – use a damp towel applied to the bottom metal rings on the sensor to simulate a water leak and verify sensor blinks red.
  • Keypad – arm and disarm the system and verify in mobile app screen. SmartBase light ring will also be red.
  • Smoke alarm – push the test button on your smoke alarm and hold for 10 seconds. Verify by receiving an alarm notification on smartphone. Remember that smoke alarm should be located within 20 feet of your SmartBase.

NOTE: Smoke alarm must sound the ‘T3’ alarm and be within 20 feet of the SmartBase.


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