The Roost Security Keypad is primarily used to arm and disarm the Security360 Service.  The keypad works with the Roost SmartBase and other security sensors to provide secure coverage for potential intrusion threats to your property. The keypad integrates with the Roost 360 mobile App to ensure alignment of system state (armed or disarmed).  In addition, the keypad provides visual and audio status indicators of the security system and includes a panic alarm 2-button activation to immediately dispatch emergency services through the 24/7 monitoring service. Roost will send alarm signals to the 24/7 monitoring center for verification and dispatch in case of an intrusion alarm when home is armed.



Model Name

Roost Keypad (RKP-320)





Temperature Spec

-10℃ – 50℃ (15°F – 120°F)



Regulatory Certifications





Network Compatibility:  Sub-G 900MHz radio. Range estimate < 150 Feet



Power Requirement

4 AA batteries included




28mm (H) x 110mm (W) x 110mm (L)



Device Weight

220 grams (includes batteries)




1-year limited warranty



The keypad is the control center of the S360 System.  This is where the end user sets the alarm in Home and Away modes and types in their code to disarm the system. The keypad also alerts the end user to its status using a variety of voice, sound, and light prompts


Keypad warning - red LED indicators (located on keypad left of keys):

  • Wireless connectivity to SmartBase is low
  • Battery level is low, replace batteries
  • System warning


Placement: Mount your keypad on the wall or simply place on a convenient surface near your most commonly used door that you utilize for entry and exit to your home. If mounted, first position the included mounting plate that attaches by double sided tape or the two screws. The keypad will lock into the mounting plate by snapping down once in position.



Arming with the keypad

  • Arm-Away: Press Arm Away button to initiate the 45 sec default delay to leave home without setting off the alarm. You will hear the keypad confirm “Arming” and the Away button will illuminate a blinking green color for 15 sec.
  • Arm-Home: Press Arm Home button to arm. There is no delay as system is armed immediately. You will hear the keypad confirm “Armed Home” and the Home button will illuminate a blinking green color for 15 sec.

Disarming with the keypad

  • Any alarm state is disarmed by first entering your 4-digit PIN code followed by pressing the “off” button on the keypad. You will also hear the keypad confirm “Disarmed” and the Off button will illuminate solid green color for 15 seconds.


Panic Button: By pressing and holding the “x” and “ok” buttons at the same time for more that 2 seconds, an immediate panic alarm is initiated, and the monitoring service will dispatch police. 


PINCodes:  create or change by clicking on the shield icon in the top left corner of app.

Owner code: This is the primary code that you will use to arm and disarm your system via the Keypad.

Guest code: This is a secondary code that can be given to another person to utilize such as a babysitter, housekeeper or other house guest.

Hostage code: This is a unique four-digit number that when entered into the Keypad during an emergency duress situation, will immediately dispatch police.


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