What is the default 4 digit pin for my system?
Last 4 digits of the user's phone number. 

How to check the activity for my sensor?
Click on the icon next to the device name in the Roost 360 app and then select Activity to view recent Activity.

What do the symbols/colors indicate for my devices in the Roost 360 app?

Cellular Signal indicates the cellular signal for the SmartBase

Green/4 bars: Good signal for Cellular connection
Orange/3 bars: Moderate signal for Cellular connection
Red/2 bars: Weak Signal for Cellular connection
No Color: Very Weak signal for Cellular connection

Plug icon indicates if the Smart base is connected to power
Green: connected to Power
Red: Smartbase is not receiving power

The battery icon shows the current battery level for the device

Green: Good Battery Signal
Orange: Low Battery Signal
Red: Critically Low Battery

Wi-fi Signal:

Green/4 bars: Good signal from Access point to sensor
Orange/3 bars: Moderate signal from Access point to sensor
Red/2 bars: Weak signal from Access point to sensor
No Color: Very Weak signal from Access point to sensor

If you've changed your router or Wi-Fi access point (physical change, name change, or new password).

Click on the SmartBase in the Roost360 app and select Connect Wi-Fi and follow the instructions in the app.

How to update a new mobile phone number?

The Roost cloud sends alerts to the smartphone number entered by the resident when they purchased the S360 system. Please contact Roost support if your mobile phone number has changed. 

How to add emergency contacts?

Tap the person icon on the My Devices screen- Add up to 5 other Emergency Contacts and press save.  These contacts will be called and alerted in the order listed if your devices detect water, intrusion, or smoke alarm. Please fill in the details of at least one person.

How do I register for an alarm permit for my Roost 24/7 Monitoring Service?

Your city or locality will typically require you to obtain an alarm permit for activating and operating a monitored alarm system. Please contact your local police department to obtain the details and registration process for an alarm permit.  These permits are often required to reduce the number of false alarms and unnecessary utilization of police, fire, or EMS resources. It is your responsibility to obtain a required alarm permit as failure to register may result in fines or refusal by an emergency agency to respond to an alarm at your premises. 

When filling out the application, the form may ask for the following contact information:

Security/Alarm Company:
1250 Borregas Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

24/7 Professional Monitoring Company/Dispatch Center:
911 Washington Ave.
Suite 230
St Louis, MO 63101

How do I add the Roost Monitoring Service operator number to my list of “contacts’ on my mobile phone?

Create a new contact on your mobile phone for “Roost Monitoring Service” and add the number:  610-304-4016.  When the dispatch operator calls you during an emergency it will be easily identified in your caller ID.

What happens when the live operator calls one of my Emergency Contacts following an emergency alarm situation?

In the event of alarm activation, the emergency dispatch operator may call your Emergency Contacts if they fail to get in touch with the primary homeowner. If you would like them to be able to cancel police dispatch due to a false alarm, they must provide their name and mobile number which needs to match what you have set up previously in the Roost mobile app for each contact.


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