Getting started Roost Commercial Devices

Connecting Roost Commercial Devices Follow the step by step instructions below to set up your Roost SmartBase and Water Detectors. Step 1 Plug In · Connect the power cord (#1) to SmartBase and then plug it into a wall power outlet. Make sure this is not a switched outlet. · When the SmartBase begins blinking green, proceed to Step 2. Step 2 Pull Tabs · Remove all pull tabs from the SmartBase and Water detectors. · You will hear SmartBase audibly confirm the connections. Step 3 Activate System · On your smartphone, click the link you received via text message and follow the instructions or, go to and follow the instructions. Step 4 Download Roost Commercial App/Add Emergency Contacts · Download the Roost Commercial app from the app store on your smartphone. · Open the app and sign in. Tap on ‘My Devices’, then tap on the person icon on the next screen. · You are the primary emergency contact. Add at least one other emergency contact.