Roost offers a 1-year hardware warranty from the date of purchase from or authorized resellers. We are unable to honor warranties on Roost devices purchased from other channels, including eBay or unauthorized sellers reselling Roost products via channels such as We are not able to offer support or warranty on any products purchased in the United States or United Kingdom and shipped or taken to a country in which Roost does not sell directly to end-user consumers.


Please note that we do not offer any warranty for Roost batteries used in smoke or combined smoke/CO alarms older than 10 years based on the manufacturing date on the alarm. If an alarm has no manufacturing date, we cannot warrant the use of the Roost Smart Battery in this alarm.

Please see our Help Center article: When should I replace my smoke alarm or smoke/CO alarms?

Leak Detector

Please note that we do not offer any warranty for Roost leak detectors that are completely submerged or left in standing water. The detector is water resistant, not waterproof, so if a detector has experienced severe water damage, we do not warrant the function of the Roost Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detector.

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