Blinking Blue Indicates that the SmartBase is attempting to connect to cellular. 
Solid Blue Your SmartBase will be this color during normal operation. Everything is fine.
Solid Red Indicates that the SmartBase was unable to establish its connection, either to cellular or Wi-Fi. Press the Reset Button located inside the battery compartment on the underside of the device to have the SmartBase try again. 
Solid White The SmartBase is currently disconnected from power, running on battery backup. Indicates possible power outage. If power is on, plug the SmartBase into a different outlet. 
Blinking Green Pairing Mode. This allows you to connect sensors with your SmartBase. Activated automatically after initial connection, but can be manually activated by pressing the small grey button next to the power cord. 
Blinking Red Indicates one of your Sensors is in an alarm state for a leak or freeze event.
Blinking Purple Wi-Fi connection mode. Activated by pressing and holding the Pairing Mode Button until the light turns to purple. Once activated, follow the in-app steps for Wi-Fi setup.
Solid Purple Indicates that the SmartBase is successfully connected on Wi-Fi. 

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