Why is the light ring on my SmartBase the color:

  • Solid Blue: normal operation, everything is fine.
  • Solid Red: something is wrong (e.g. no cellular connectivity) - move SmartBase closer to a window and open the battery compartment door underneath. You will need a small phillip’s head screwdriver to open. Inside the battery compartment, you will find a round gray button. Press and hold it for 2 seconds and release it. If the light is still red, move the SmartBase to a different location and repeat the process of pressing and releasing the round gray button.
  • Solid White: AC disconnected, operating on battery power only. Possible power outage or SmartBase has been unplugged.
  • Solid Purple: (only occurs when SmartBase is connected to a local WiFi network) Indicates that the Wi-Fi connectivity is interrupted - reconnect SmartBase to Wi-Fi connection. Go to the mobile app and tap ‘My Devices’. Then tap on SmartBase to find an option to connect to Wi-Fi. Please follow the instructions listed there.
  • Blinking Red: alarm state indicates the detection of a water leak, or freeze alert.
  • Blinking Green: in pairing mode. Indicates that the SmartBase is available to connect to the water leak sensors.
  • Blinking Purple: in Wi-Fi provisioning mode. Please follow the instructions in your app to connect the SmartBase to Wi-Fi.

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