PLEASE NOTE: If you are setting up a Smart 9V Battery for the first time, it will no longer connect to the Roost cloud due to a cloud migration. Please only continue with the below steps if your device has been set up previously. 

The Roost Smart Battery has two options for setup:

  1. Setup using the "silent setup" mode (Roost Second Generation Batteries only)
  2. Setup using an audio signal

To determine if your battery is capable of the "silent setup" mode, please refer to our Help Center article: How can I tell which version of Roost Smart Battery I have?

The Roost app will guide you through the setup of your battery. If you'd like to become more familiar with the setup process before you proceed, please watch the appropriate video below:

Second generation Roost Smart Battery setup:

Setup of original Roost Smart Battery:

The Roost Smart Battery is a Wi-Fi enabled battery that replaces the standard 9V battery in your smoke or smoke/CO alarms. The Roost Smart Battery includes an audio sensor that detects the sound (alert) emitted by a smoke or carbon monoxide (CO) alarm when it senses smoke or CO. If it detects an alert, the Smart Battery will automatically send a notification to your smartphone.

Until the Roost battery is connected to your Wi-Fi network for the first time, it will not have any power.


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