If you are experiencing issues with cellular connectivity with your SmartBase, the system can also be connected to your home's Wi-Fi. While connected to Wi-Fi, your system will automatically connect to whichever signal is the strongest, it may switch between cellular or Wi-Fi automatically once connected. 

Connecting on Wi-Fi is very simple. Making sure that you have your Wi-Fi name and password handy, open your Roost App. From My Devices, select the three grey dots to the right of your SmartBase and select "connect Wi-Fi". From here, you will be prompted to put your SmartBase into Wi-Fi Provisioning Mode. Meaning your phone will create a bridge between your Wi-Fi and your SmartBase. Do so by pressing and holding the Pair Mode button on the outside of your SmartBase until the light on it turns to blinking purple. 

Once it is blinking purple, select "next" within the app. You will be prompted to connect to the SmartBase via a network labelled Roost followed by some letters and numbers. Once you connect to the Roost network, you will be prompted to connect to your own Wi-Fi. 

If the Wi-Fi connection is successful, you will receive an audible confirmation from the SmartBase. If the connection fails, verify that your password is correct, that you are connecting to a 2.4 Wi-Fi network, and that Bluetooth is turned off on your phone. 


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