If your leak detector shows low power level in the Roost app, or if you have received a notification that the batteries in your leak detector are low, you will need to replace all of its AAA batteries.

  • Carefully open the leak detector by separating the top cover from the bottom at the blue line that encircles the device.
  • Remove and set aside the AAA batteries currently in the leak detector
  • Install the new batteries, ensuring that they are placed properly--match the + and the - stamped in the blue plastic of the battery compartment with the + and - on your AAA batteries.
  • After replacing the batteries you should hear a single beep.
  • Replace the top cover
  • Please note: the LED on the top cover will blink red for 10 minutes after you replace the batteries. During this time, the leak detector is in "set-up mode" and will not be able to detect leaks. You do not need to take any action. Simply wait for the LED to stop blinking and your leak detector is now in its regular operating mode.

If you'd like more guidance, the short video (below) shows how to open your leak detector and replace the batteries.


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