How do I sign up for Security360?

Visit to purchase a Security360 kit from Roost

If you have a homeowner insurance policy with one of our preferred partners listed above, simply visit their website to learn more about your unique offer on the Security360 system. 


Does my insurance carrier offer a discount?

With our preferred partners, you may be eligible for a percentage discount on your homeowner policy. Reference the offer you received from your insurance provider to see if you are eligible.

If you do not have a policy with one of our preferred carriers, check with your homeowner insurance provider to see if they offer a discount for professionally monitored home security.


What happens if I change my insurance carrier?

Nothing! If you change insurance carriers, you will still have full access to your Security360 system from Roost.


How long does set-up take?

Setting up your Security360 system should take less than 30 minutes! If you need additional support, please visit or contact our customer care team at


Can I purchase additional sensors for my Security360 system?

Yes! Please visit the roost store at to purchase additional sensors for your Security360 system.


Are there early cancellation fees?

If you signed a multi-month contract and you cancel the service before the contract ends, you will be subject to cancellation fees as outlined in the terms of your contract with Roost.

If you have not signed a multi-month contract, there are no cancellation fees.


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