When a leak is detected in your home, you will receive a notification alert to your smartphone. Your leak detector will also make an audible alert sound from the device itself indicating that it is wet.

To stop the leak detector from sounding, you will need to make sure that the rings on the bottom of the device are thoroughly dry. The device is very sensitive to moisture, including any moisture from your hand if you are touching the silver rings on the bottom. It will beep as long as those rings have any (even small) amount of water between them.

If your device got very wet, such that it got water behind the rings on the bottom, then you need to take it apart and place the bottom part (with the rings) on a sunny windowsill to dry out. If you need help on how to open your Roost leak detector, please watch the below video.

You can also use a hair dryer on a low setting to assist you in drying the rings.

Once your leak detector is no longer wet, it will send an 'water leak alarm off' signal to the Roost Cloud. Then, your app will update to show the water leak alert has stopped.


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