SmartBase for Power Outage Test

  • Unplug the power cord from the SmartBase.
  • The light on your SmartBase will turn white, and you will receive an SMS notification alerting that power may be out at your location. 
  • Reconnect the SmartBase to power. The light will turn back to blue, and you will receive notification that the system has power again. 

Leak Detector Test

  • Lightly press a damp paper towel or washcloth against the aluminum rings on the bottom of the Leak Sensor.
  • Once the sensor detects this moisture, it will begin to alarm and the LED in the sensor's cover will blink red. You will also receive an SMS notification that the sensor has detected moisture. 
  • To stop the leak detector alarm from sounding, dry off the metal rings on the bottom of the detector thoroughly, especially the small space between them. The sensor will continue to alert so long as it is detecting moisture. 

Some Helpful Tips: 

  • If you don't receive a push notification or a text message within a minute, please check your phone settings to make sure you've allowed push notifications from the Roost App and test again.
  • The leak detector with the tail will alert when water comes in contact with any portion of the tail.
  • See our FAQ Section for additional information. 

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