Setting up your sensors is easy! Just follow these simple steps: 

  1. Plug It In - Connect the power cord (#1) into the back of the SmartBase and then plug it into a wall power outlet. Make sure this is not a switched outlet. Once plugged in, the Smartbase will automatically seek out a cellular connection. When it connects successfully, the Smartbase will say "I am ready to go" and turn to Pairing Mode (blinking green) for ten minutes. 
  2. Pull Tabs - Remove all plastic pull tabs from the SmartBase and Water sensors. You will hear SmartBase audibly confirm the connections.
  3. Activate System - On your smartphone, click the link you received via text message and follow the instructions or, go to and follow the instructions.
  4. Download Roost Commercial App- Download the Roost Commercial app from the appropriate App Store for your smartphone. Open the app and sign in using your cellphone number. Tap on ‘My Devices’, then tap on the person icon on the next screen to add Emergency Contacts. You are the primary emergency contact. Add at least one other emergency contact, they will also receive notifications when the sensors alert. 



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