• Your SmartBase utilizes a cellular signal to allow for communication from your sensors. With this in mind, place the SmartBase nearby a window or other areas of your home where it can establish a good connection. Avoid placing the SmartBase in a basement. Other building materials such as concrete or metal can also affect this signal. If you find that you are unable to establish a successful or consistent cellular connection in your area, you can also connect the SmartBase to your home's Wi-Fi. 

Leak Detectors

  • Leak Detectors are your first line of defense against possible leaks or freezes. Consider places in your home where water would accumulate in the event of a leak or a flood: basements, under sinks, sump pumps, bathrooms, washing machines, etc. 
  • These detectors will also alert for temperatures below freezing (32°F), and can be placed nearby pipes that are at risk of freezing. See below example:


Leak Detector with Tail

  • One of your sensors includes a long "tail". Consider this as an extension of the sensor. It can be used to cover a wider radius on the floor, wrap around a pipe, or access an area that you may not be able to place the sensor itself. If water makes contact with the sensor at any point, it will alert. See below example utilizing the included plastic hold tabs: 



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