During set up, after plugging in your SmartBase for the first time, you may receive a response that says, "Connection Failed." By default, your SmartBase will attempt to connect to Cellular, using a cell tower in the area. If Cellular reception in your area is poor, your SmartBase may have issues connecting.

Worry not! Connecting your SmartBase is still possible. First, simply try moving the device to a different area of your home. It should be placed near a window on the main level of your home, central to the other sensors. Open the panel located on the bottom of the device, using a Phillips Head screwdriver, and press the large grey button next to the batteries to reset. The SmartBase will attempt Cellular connection again. 

If you are still unable to connect successfully to cellular, the SmartBase can be set up on your home Wi-Fi. Using your Roost 360 App, under My Devices, tap on your SmartBase and select the option labelled "Connect Wi-Fi". Simply follow the prompts in the app to connect. For additional information, see Page 20 in your User Manual. 


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