To pair sensors, first your SmartBase must be in Pairing Mode, or blinking green. Press the dark gray button on the back of the SmartBase (next to the power cord) and hold until the light changes to blinking green. 


To Pair:

KeyPad On the back of your Keypad, there is a pinhole labelled "Pairing". Insert the included SIM popper or a small paper clip into the hole for two seconds. Release to pair. 
Leak / Temp Sensor Can be paired via the button located in the rubber pad on the bottom of the sensor. Press this button until a blinking green light flashes on the device to pair.
Alarm Listener The pairing button for this device is located inside the sensor. Using a coin or a spoon, place into the red seam that connects the top and bottom and turn like you are starting a car. The device will pop apart into two halves. Push and hold the pair button inside the sensor for two seconds. 
Motion Sensor Locate the pinhole on the back of the Motion Sensor labelled "Pairing". Using the included SIM tool or a small paper clip, press and hold into the hole for two seconds. Release to pair. 
Entry Sensor Press and hold the round button on the face of your Entry Sensor for two seconds, until you see a blinking green light.

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