Your Security 360 Kit is equipped to alert you if the sensors should ever require your intervention. The sensors will show this via the Roost360 App, using different indicators next to your sensors. If the issue persists, the sensors will alert you via text message as well. 

Sensor Check-in/Reporting:
Sensors will "check-in" with the SmartBase once every 24 hours during normal activity. During these check-ins the sensors will report to the cloud with the following information: 

  • Battery Level
  • Temperature 
  • Signal Strength - Cellular or Wi-Fi

Check-in issues:

If your sensors are unable to communicate with the SmartBase for their daily check-in, they will display within your app as follows: 

Yellow Exclamation Point Sensor has missed 1 daily check-in
Red Exclamation Point Sensor has missed multiple daily check-ins

Tapping on the exclamation point will display the last date and time that the sensor was able to communicate with the system. If your sensors do not check in for three days or more, you will receive a text message alert. 

  • Cause: Poor Signal Strength / Interruption of Signal 
  • Resolution: Verify your Wi-Fi connection is stable. Reset the affected sensor. Verify the sensor is not outside of the functional Bluetooth range - max 150 feet. If you are still unable to reconnect the sensor, contact support at (913) 353-3831, or via email at

Low Battery:

Tapping on your sensors in your Roost 360 App will display their current battery level. Sensors showing a Red/Low Battery level should be changed. If the batteries become critically low, you will receive a text message alert. 

  • Resolution: Change the Batteries. How To Change Batteries.
    Please note: Your App may take up to 24 hrs to update after batteries are replaced. 




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