►If you've changed your router or Wi-Fi access point (physical change, name change, or new password).
Click on the SmartBase in the Roost360 app and select Connect Wi-Fi and follow the instructions in the app.

►How to update a new mobile phone number?

The Roost cloud sends alerts to the smartphone number entered by the resident when they purchased the S360 system. Please contact Roost support if your mobile phone number has changed. 

►How to add emergency contacts?

Tap the person icon on the My Devices screen- Add up to 5 other Emergency Contacts and press save.  These contacts will be called and alerted in the order listed if your devices detect water, intrusion, or smoke alarm. Please fill in the details of at least one person.


►How to Clean Your Roost Security 360 Devices

Take a soft cloth and gently remove any dust/dirt from your device.

Wipe the device clean with an alcohol wipe.

Take special care when cleaning the Smart Water Leak Detectors. If the metal rings on the bottom of the device get wet, they will trigger a leak alert. You can prevent this by opening the Leak Detector and removing the batteries before cleaning. After cleaning, once the device is completely and thoroughly dry, place the batteries back inside and snap the two halves together before placing it back in its intended location.


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