Roost 24/7 Professional Monitoring Service Guide

The Security 360 System provides layered protection via our escalating monitoring system. Starting at the home level with Alarm signals and Text message notifications, up to a call from our live Operators and dispatch of Emergency Services. Here's what to expect: 


Activating Your 24/7 Monitoring
Professional Monitoring is activated via your Roost 360 App. After installing your sensors, from the My Devices page you will be asked to first confirm your address before the system will be activated. This address information is where Emergency Services will be dispatched in the event of an emergency.

Here you can also add up to five Emergency Contacts (other than yourself) within your household who can be contacted in the event of an alarm to confirm the status of the alarm. 

You will receive a confirmation email once the service is activated. 


48 Hour Practice Mode

After you have activated the Professional Monitoring Service, you will enter a 48-hour Practice Period. During this time any activated alarms will not be escalated to the Live Operators and will not dispatch Emergency or Fire services. After this 48 hour period ends you will enter Live Monitoring and alarms will function normally. 


Text Message Notification
Each sensor has a specific SMS Alert Message that is sent to you, along with any additional Emergency Contacts. The Live Operator will ask you to confirm if the Alarm is real, a false alert, or if you are unsure. Once this response is received, all contacts will receive a final text message to confirm. 


Phone Call from Live Operator

If you, or any of your Emergency Contacts, do not respond to the text message within a few minutes, the Live Operator will reach out via phone call to you and all listed contacts within the Roost 360 App. The first recipient who answers will be asked to confirm the status of the alarm: real, a false alert, or if you are unsure. Again, a final text message will be sent as a confirmation. 

  • If there is no response, the alarm will be escalated for Fire or Police dispatch.

Dispatch of Emergency Services 
If you confirm an emergency via text message or after speaking with the Live Operator, or if the Operator is unable to contact you after a phone call, our Professional Monitoring Service will dispatch emergency services to your location.  Once dispatched, the Live Operator may call the resident to let them know help is on the way.

Emergency Services are dispatched for the following alarms:

  • The Alarm Listener is detecting your Smoke Detector alarming for 45 seconds.
  • The Motion Sensor or Entry Sensor are activated while the System is Armed.


Alarm permits for my Roost 24/7 Monitoring Service

Your city or locality will typically require you to obtain an alarm permit for activating and operating a monitored alarm system.  Please contact your local police department to obtain the details and registration process for an alarm permit.  These permits are often required to reduce the number of false alarms and unnecessary utilization of police, fire, or EMS resources.  It is your responsibility to obtain a required alarm permit as failure to register may result in fines or refusal by an emergency agency to respond to an alarm at your premises.  

When filling out the application, the form may ask for the following contact information:

Security/Alarm Company:

1250 Borregas Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94089


24/7 Professional Monitoring Company/Dispatch Center:


Assurity Secure, LLC
3 Park Ave, Floor 22

New York, NY 10016



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