Getting Started with your Roost 360 App is easy!
Click Here for iPhone Download OR Click Here for Android Download

After Downloading, simply sign in to the App using your Cellphone number. Once you have entered the Confirmation Code sent via SMS, you will be sent to the My Devices home page. The App is used to monitor the status of your Sensors, Arm or Disarm the System, and offers you options for customization: 


Naming Your Sensors

From your My Devices page, selecting the three gray dots to the right of any sensor and selecting "Change Name" will allow you to enter a custom name for your sensors. Use this to label their location within your home for your reference. 


Setting PIN Codes

Selecting the Shield Icon on the upper left of your My Devices page will allow you to create three different PIN Codes for use with your Keypad for arming, disarming, or sending a direct alarm. These Codes are: 

  • Owner Code:  This is the primary means of Arming and Disarming your system. 
  • Guest Code: This code can be given to guests or visitors, such as a Babysitter, Housekeeper, or other guest. 
  • Hostage Code: This code can be used in the event of an emergency duress situation to immediately disarm the system and send a silent alarm for dispatch to the 24/7 Professional Monitoring Center. 


Connecting To Wi-Fi

Using Your Home Wi-Fi Will Enable Key Features of your Security 360 System:

  • Arming or Disarming of System 
  • Setting Your PIN Codes
  • Activating Professional Monitoring 
  • Customization of Entry Delay Countdown Timer


How To Connect

  • From the "My Devices" page you should see a yellow flag prompt to "Connect Wi-Fi".
  • Follow the In-App step-by-step instructions for connection -- make sure you have your Wi-Fi Network and Password information handy!
  • When the System connects successfully to Wi-Fi you will receive an audible confirmation. 


Customizing Your Alerts

Your Roost 360 App also allows you to change some of the Alerts associated with your sensors. Selecting the three gray dots to the right of your SmartBase under "My Devices" and tapping Alert Settings will allow you the following options: 

  • Door Chime: Enable or Disable the Chime noise from the SmartBase for your Entry Sensors. 
  • Entry Delay: Set the amount of time (from 15 - 90 seconds) system allows when Armed after the Entry Sensors are triggered before alarming. 
  • Exit Delay: Set the amount of time (15-90 seconds) the system allows when setting to Armed-Away before the System is Armed, so you can exit your home before it does so.

From the Home Page of your App you can also choose to opt in or out of Emergency Weather Alerts, to be notified for 20 different severe weather conditions in your area. These include:

  • Damaging Hail
  • Freezing temperatures
  • Heavy rainfall and snow accumulation
  • Storms and high winds

Opt Out of these Alerts by selecting the "Weather Alerts" icon on the home page of your Roost 360 App and turning the Toggle switch to Red. 



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